Sunday, 31 July 2011


Once again this was a really good trip, but reporting honestly, there have been better. Some of the planning let us down with drives taking longer and mistakes being made with the hotels. We were also unlucky with the weather with the rain literally put a dampner on the trip (and of course I appreciate there's nothing that can be done about that).

Others in the group felt the same way and towards the end of the trip when we're tired and cranky anyway, the other events increased the negativity somewhat leading to behaviour I'd never seen on a trip before, which is a shame.

The parks, and their hospitality however were the biggest positive on the trip. From the small family run parks who were really pleased to see us visit their park right up to the biggest theme parks in the country who are used to us, all of them pulled out the stops for us and showed us a good time. In some cases their hospitality was too much and the time we had at the parks meant that we had to decline some of it (meals in particular).

Thanks also for those who came along on the trip and made it enjoyable. I don't get on with everyone but there was a good contingent on this trip that I do get on with and I hope I didn't pester them too much...except for Lasse Jesus; he deserves it all :)

The next big club trip will be back to the American West Coast in the summer of 2012 but I've got a big trip down under planned in before that, and hopefully it won't take me 6 months to get that one out

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