Sunday, 31 July 2011


Klotten Park is yet another park the club had visited in 2004 and when we were there they had begun work on a volcano themed coaster. The coaster had been built but the volcano hadn't.

Those are real animals adorning the walls. Rumour has it that they're itching to stuff and mount a human head. To date nobody has yet volunteered.

This is the coaster which was really good when we last rode it, and still really good today. However the volcano structure hadn't progressed much at all. Slowly slowly, at least they're not jeopardising the park by spending the money too soon.

Aside from the coaster the ride offers a decent selection of kid rides, as in rides for kids, not adults. So there wasn't too much for me to do.

More nautic jets offered an alternative ride for the majority of the group though.

Some dumbasses in the group chose to ignore the weight warnings and broke the rides, with just the park management a few metres away watching. Fools like these do give the club a bad name, which is why I choose not to waste my time with them. No gangsigns being thrown here, huh?

Whilst taking time out to feed the goats I decide to see who can make the best goat face. This is Sophie's attempt.

Get the food a little too close to the goats and they'll mug you snatching the entire box out of your hand, as Sophie has realised here.

but it was Kat who made the best goat face. So impressive was it that it stopped the goats from trying anymore.

Linz was in the smaller group that had joined us and it was great to see her on a club trip again. Her hubby Darren had got to go to the US trip the year before so it was her turn this year.

The park has a bear attraction and we'd be interested to know where they came from as they seemed to break into routines in order to be fed food.

Such as praying for us to feed them. I'm sure they're well looked after but I'm not comfortable seeing animals doing things like this in order to eat.

Sophie getting close to one of the other animals that you are encouraged to feed up close. The food is cheap at 50 cents a box, the animal on the other hand is deer.

At the end of the day the park allowed us an hour to ride the Toboggan coaster over and over again.

I only had a couple of goes on it deciding instead to go and get some dinner at the park restaurant first and it took a little longer than we'd planned. By the time we'd made it to the coaster the ERS was well under way with most of the club riding it over and over. It's a very re-rideable coaster and will look a lot better once the volcano is finished.
If you do visit the park do take the time to walk a little up the road from where you can overlook the valley below including this stunning looking castle.

That's it over on the right. Klotten might have average rides but it does offer some spectacular views. If only they could exploit from within the park, like some sort of tower ride would be a great addition. Maybe they could have something shoot out of the volcano, if only they'd ever get around to finishing it.

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