Sunday, 31 July 2011

Freizeitpark Geiselwind

Freizeit (Leisure) Land is another family park located in the Eastern half of Germany in the town of....yes, you've guessed it Geiselwind. "Geisel" is German for "hostage" so perhaps this park was the playground for people caught during wartime.

The park mascot is a toucan and there are several of them around the park. Fortunately they weren't on the scale of London's Elephant hunt but they were there all the same challenging my Pokemon "Find them all" OCD.

Fortunately there are other animals and creatures to distract me including a significant number of dinosaurs...

...and mice. This one was a recent addition to the park and I thought was a nice bonus count but I subsequently discovered that I had ridden this before at a travelling fair so couldn't count it. Boo!

The other coaster, albeit a powered one, was new however and we were given a decent number of laps on it too. As ever a great way to wake up.

Themed bin doing an impression of Kat.

Bizarre UFO pod theming. Perhaps this was where the hostages were detained when they weren't posing with dinosaurs and enjoying the rides.

Coaster drei was a very looking train where the cars began freely rotating as soon as the train hit the lift hill. With a mid-length track it offered quite a fun almost unique ride experience.

The big coaster in the park is a surprisingly alright boomerang. Whilst the search continues for the one that offers a perfectly smooth ride this was nowhere near as much of a concussion machine as usual.

"Leckere Crepes" whilst sounding like "Like A Crap" actually stands for "delicious pancakes"

Having recovered her clothing from the earlier altercation Kat ventures into the darker parts of the park.

The drop tower was one of the more popular attractions with the locals I suspect because it offered a safe haven from the roaming velociraptors.

Here's the park from their observation tower, strangely positioned in a corner of the park rather than the centre.

A strange collection of garden sculptures gave us a chance to dick around whilst a brief rain shower stopped play.

Retaining the dinosaur theme this massive diesel beast with fibre glass exterior is the park's land train.

Firstly, how bad a shot is he? He's 6ft away and hasn't hit a bottle with two guns.
Secondly he's failed to notice the snake at his feet.
Finally, who ties a horse to a cactus?

Mini-Martin, Kat, Patrick, Jeppe and Mini-Rich take a break.

Kat charms the velociraptors. That's what happens when you put a peanut in your ear. If only the residents of Jurassic Park discovered that pacifying trick instead of meddling with science.

The waterscooter ride was nicely themed.

Abundant throughout Germany are the nautic jets; half butterfly/half splash ride these offered plenty of fun to the little ones. I'd sink it if I went on this.

Some people had been tipped off about the park colour schemes and dressed to match. They were punished by being made to ride the funny bikes...or not ride as it turned out.

Nice silly theming. They should put it in the car park.

The park did have some nice touches like theming on the top of the fence-posts. They didn't have to do this but they did, which I liked.

Lunch (huge joints of meat) was spent in the main restaurant. We had been forewarned of some entertainment being provided for our lunch.

and we got singing bears, which was pleasantly amusing for the first 5 minutes then more and more annoying. The cacophony also got in the way of a Q&A session we were trying to have with the park staff.

Real flamingos. Although they appear to have knees that bend backwards, that joint is actually referred to as their ankle.

and at the end of the day it all becomes too much for some.

Geiselwind, a nice little park, which is apparently Bobby Brown's favourite German park...toucan play that game!

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