Sunday, 31 July 2011

Schloss Thurn

Schloss Thurn (Thurn Castle) is an extremely large park with very little in it and a brief stop en route to our next hotel.

This is the rather subdued entrance.

The park goes around a vast lake with an opportunity to take a major shortcut if you time this properly.

The park has two credits and this was the first that we came across; another flipping butterfly. As the club was making a queue for this we chose to walk on to the next one.

There is a monorail around the park which is ideal for those who don't have pushchairs.

The other coaster is a little better and bigger than the butterfly but still a ride we only wanted ride the once. The club and park had nicely laid on this ride for us to ride for an hour, but I chose not to participate, I didn't see the point.

Cool looking guitarosaurus.

The amusingly titled "BumBum" lolly was surprisingly nice. When you're done with the lolly you can eat the stick too. Never again will I lick a BumBum :)

Patrick would have liked to spend more time at the park but his stay was too short.

This is the sign outside the rollercoaster telling us that the public weren't allowed in as it was our's.

Following a quick meal we headed back to the coach and dicked about on the way there. There are some nice surprises on this bridge.

The park is more a leisure retreat with a few rides than a fully fledged theme park and as the rides aren't that amazing it's a stop only for the over keen.

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