Sunday, 31 July 2011

Luebeck Lunapark

After Heide Park we made our way to the small town of Luebeck in the north of Germany where we found out there was a small travelling fair close by. So some of us broke up into little groups and headed over to it.

Odd urban art statement and stencil graffiti at the bus station.

The entrance to the fair. The size of the sign set the wrong impression of the size of the fair. It was pretty small, perhaps they have larger events here.

No coasters at this particular fair however. :(

This was the best ride there, a little ghost train where you rode with goggles that split light into a holographic mess.

We weren't allowed to keep them however, they would have been great at the parks to come.

Break Dancer was broken when we got to it and there didn't appear to be any urgency to get it riding, despite an increasing group of tourists turning up, hanging around waiting for it to open.

Siegfried, Roy and those over-friendly white tigers.

Those that collect Hard Rock Cafe credits missed this one!

With the breakdancer failing to open we grabbed dinner at a nearby food hall where we got chatting to the owner and who kindly gave us a Kermis magazine (Kermis is the Germany fair guild thingy). It's amazing how many fairs there are at any one time in Germany, literally hundreds, and obviously some better than this!

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