Sunday, 31 July 2011

Pott's Park

On the South-West tip of Minden is Pott's Park, another family run park. This one has a mixture of amusement rides and a science centre; a perfect mix of fun and learning!

Badger badger snake though.

The science centre is aimed not just at the kids however, check out these old-timers having a blast! We mocked but soon we would be just as enthralled.

Some quick respite from the rain and we had a go on this bike race game where the faster you cycle, the faster your bike goes on the scalextric track next door.

To help you find the way around the park maps are available. Only Kat can figure out a way of using the map that renders the reader unable to find anything!.

The PatrickPum (tm) had it's debut at Potts Park. I don't think this business venture took off however.

The last time we travelled Germany, Tripsdrill Park took the award for the weirdest toilets. That title had to be moved to this park however. There is lots of theming and art around people and animals taking a crap.

Here's an example. The keen-eyed amongst you might have noticed the dog in the foreground also taking a shit.

and with this one it's perhaps best not to ask.

Still escaping from the rain whilst we waited for the rides to open, the park had opened a couple of indoor attractions. The first that we went into was a strange attraction where we were invited to drink a shrinking potion. We were wondering what on sort of science the park were having here but we drank it and ventured on.

It worked. This was the lounge complete with the largest oranges we'd ever seen.

Kat relaxes on the bed, after two of us had given her a bunk up (bunk, pun). Being this tiny was very weird and now we know how Warwick Davies must feel.

Having misbehaved Andy and Kat were suitably punished.

Not sure how Nick avoided the sentencing as he should not have been playing on the worktops. As we made our way around the attraction the potion wore off and we returned to normal size. That house was a lot of fun, and not a coaster in sight. But then we heard the coasters were open and remembering that we were in a Coaster Club and not a Lilliput Club it was time to head on.

This is Turbo Drachen, a powered inverted coaster. Actually this triggered the obligatory "is it, or is it not a coaster". A significant number believed this to be no more than an outdoor indoor dark ride. Certainly the ride system looked like that but it gave a more wilder ride than any inverted indoor dark ride that I've been on.

Whilst not swinging ridiculously, it did offer enough "whoa" moments to make it re-rideable and the group did use the best part of the hour riding this over and over. So whilst the debate continued on around whether it was a coaster or not I think we were all in agreement that it didn't matter as it was fun either way.

Whilst queueing for the other rollercoaster in the park, Jason suffers a "poncho&beans for breakfast" disaster. After we removed the naked flames from around the vicinity we were able to continue our riding.

The coaster was a tick-done ride offering not much than a typical rollerskater coaster, although the theming of the train was unique.

The girls tried to enjoy the unicoaster and despised every moment of it. I think they're never going to go near these things again.

This was a rather fun, if rude looking ride. There are six lanes and each of you ride a pig that you have move forward by pulling a lever back and forth. The motion of the ride makes it look like you're having sex with the pig...and this caused much mirth with those who took part.

Retaining the pig theme was this rather peculiar attraction ride portraying the story of a promiscuous pig who was up for having sex with other farm animals.

Just in case you thought I was making that up.

and this is the resulting offspring. You can see he clearly slept with sheep, cows and chickens. :)

Having had enough of the rides for now it was time to check out the science area that the old people were photographed enjoying. Here Big Steve meets Little Kat.

A hall of mirrors allowed Patrick to make himself look more appealing.

Martin rocks the Towers of Hanoi. (2^n)-1 people!

Back outside and the weather had cleared up a little bit so it was time for some of the group to enjoy the racing water slides.

Those slides can be fun great unless your boat fails to make it to the end and you have to walk through the water to get out. Poor Peter gets it wrong.

Here are some people doing it right.

The park has racing Nautic Jets for the slightly smaller people.

and for the very small people a baby version of the jets. Interestingly these are raised to the lift hill via cycle power.

The driver of the land train takes time out to pose. Actually the staff here were a really pleasant bunch. We were seeing a pattern of family run parks having a much friendlier attitude than the bigger parks. Imagine how Six Flags would be if it was a family business rather than a corporation?

and the day would not be complete without an obligatory piece of coach innuendo.

I liked Potts Park. Before visiting I was joking that read backwards its read "Crap Stop" and I didn't think it was going to be a memorable stop, but actually I was very impressed with it. The science area worked really well and we found ourselves playing around in exactly the same way the old people were in the photo we ridiculed earlier in the day were. Also that porcine sex ride made the park memorable for a quirky reason. You certainly wouldn't get that in Squirrel Nutty Land!

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