Sunday, 31 July 2011

Erse Park

Erse Park is a small family park north-east of Hanover and provided much mirth in advance purely on it's name sounding like "Arse". How extremely childish of us, perhaps it was apt we were spending the day in a park primarily aimed at kids.

Dolphins do not have sex through the blowhole.

An educational piece on the evolution of the caveman, genitals and all!

The park is nicely shaded and en-route to the main park you pass by this lake with a shark that looks better than the one at Universal Studios.

Playing with the tilt-shift again.

A series of animatronic pieces of varying quality, but entertaining to the kids I'm sure.

Whilst the group headed towards the coaster a small group of us decided to piss about on the other rides. We had plenty of time in this park including an ERS on the main coaster at the end of the day.

Nice old carousel.

A pedal powered big wheel, and a gullible victim to give it a try. Yes we did stop cycling once she was at the top!

Interesting little ride, little being the key word. There was no way we were going to fit in those!

This was the coaster, a small kiddy coaster with an insane ride operator who took great delight in not stopping the ride for some time. Well there was no queue and we were coaster fans so why not?

Kids love dinosaurs and we were finding a lot of the parks included them in their theming, perhaps a local company had been selling them cheap. Here one of them catches Patrick in it's jaws; he made a full recovery.

The coaster turned out not to be the best ride in the park. Erse Park also has a Weigand Bobsled, one of those electric powered toboggan rides. This one rode pretty well too, and realising how much we liked enjoyed it the management added it to the exclusive ride session. Nice!

The park has a butterfly coaster, and yes we all rode it.

Back into the centre of the park and Jeppe trusts Kat to drive the tractor. She made it around in one piece.

But she must have left some impression as he refused to ride with her on this really great Flintstones themed car.

Somehow Patrick was able to fit into this little contraption.

Mini dodgems.

These used to be commonplace in the UK but are gradually disappearing. At least we know where some of them have ended up.

A brontosaurus looks into the rather filthy but very enjoyable water flume ride. The final turns in particular were surprisingly wild with the boat rolling up the sides of the trough and almost tipping us out.

Peter decides to improvise a la Macgyver and turn the kayak into a canoe. It took him a while to figure out how to hold the paddles, but he got there in the fact just before we were about to leave.

Nick with his camera doing a Mette and failing to notice the pachyderm to his right.

This dinosaur hidden in the trees is called Doyouthinkhesaurus.

This was my favourite dinosaur themeing. I'd not seen this in a park before.

Here's a quick trip around the park.

Erse Park was actually really surprisingly good and the group came out of the place enthused and up for having a trip where only the little parks were on the itinerary. We did have loads of fun at this place despite there being no signature coasters or major rides. At those we're typically running about, here we could relax and just enjoy the park.

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