Sunday, 31 July 2011

Schwaben Park

Well I thought the next park was going to be small but wow, what a nice looking coaster to welcome us. That's Force One, and the park is Schwaben Park. Clearly this is another park that like some others we'd seen on the trip that had upped their game and invested in a big ride. The monkeys were a nice touch.

The entrance had a suitably jungle theme. Clearly monkeys were the mascot here. The planning had been wrong again and we had less time in the park than planned, so this ended up being a whistle stop park trip.

Schwaben has nothing to do with "black" (I thought it was a derivation of Schwarz), it's the translation of Swabia, the region of Germany in which the park resides.

Silly monkey bin but unique. You certainly wouldn't get that in Disney.

and this was a bit too morbid for any park, whatsoever!

Cute little big wheel variant, similar to the one in Potts Park.

As well as Force One the park has a Pinfari Galaxi coaster. Despite it's shoddy appearance it actually ran quite well.

They also have a kiddy caterpillar, one that has evolved to eat sweetcorn.

Kiddy digger attraction where they've hidden chocolate bars in the sand for kids to find and get fat from.

Sweet! The park had a bobsled ride, the second one of the trip, and this was pretty good!

Standard layout log flume with equally standard "kid stands up" moment.

The park has a small zoo, and whilst I'm not a fan of animals being kept like this, they did appear to be alright. The monkeys however were very troublesome and I don't think they liked us. We even got their shit thrown at us through the cage.

This had to be the smallest boat ride ever!

Even the smallest person in the group was way too big for it.

Over to Force One now and the coaster was really really good. Whereas we think Bayern Park got it wrong, these guys had clearly got it right. The coaster would look intimidating to kids but is not intimidating to ride.

Not visible in the photo but there was a gardener casually maintaining the grounds whilst we rode.

Leaving the ride we decided to run around for a second lap before getting back onto the coach. I'm glad we had or else we'd have missed this gorilla in a cage that's supposed to be used for keeping apiary.

Pretty shocking artwork on the dodgems.

We were trapped on this monorail spinning ride thing by a rather devilish ride operator who wouldn't let us off, sending us around forwards and backwards. It's quite a novel ride but he misunderstood our "enthusiastic" tag just a little too much. Still he was very polite and pleased to see us taking the time to ride his attraction.

These radio controlled boats were different, you're actually controlling the crocodiles and they move the boat. A full sized one of these in the Everglades would be amazing!

I really can't recall what on earth these two were up to here. Perhaps Patrick had farted and Kat and split her trousers...

The park has a slide but it was too narrow for most of us and too slow for those that could fit. They had to pull themselves out.

They also have a custom made luge ride. You have to run the toboggan up one side of the hill and then you get to ride it down the other. We had a contest to see who could get up the uphill section the furthest, it wasn't me. I was too heavy for the ride and didn't make it all the way down the downhill part let alone up the other side.

The sweetcorn eating caterpillar waves us goodbye.

This park was not bad at all. It's clearly a park aimed at the younger generation but with Force One is beginning a new chapter in getting a slightly older demographic to it's park too. Definitely a park to watch and the Force One coaster is definitely a ride that other parks should consider.

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