Sunday, 31 July 2011

Schloss Beck Freizeitpark

A short walk (and I don't mean one of my 5k jaunts) from Movie World is a small family park called Schloss Beck Freizeitpark. It seems to coexist with the bigger park because it deals with a different demographic; Movie Studios is a teenager park and this one is for the younger kids.

This is the area that you come across immediately on entering the small park. That building at the top looked to be quite old and housed some animatronic attractions and a cafe.

The park itself has a good selection of rides clearly tailored at the smaller visitors.

but for the credit-whores amongst the club there was a small kiddy coaster that was very popular. Every train was full and whereas the park up the road would have tackled the throughput by running it for one lap or perhaps two, here we were sent around for 5. Not embarrassing at all.

The most grown-up of the rides was the go-karting. There only seemed to be two karts on the track at a time however, not very good for competitive driving but good if you wanted to recreate scenes from the film Duel.

The park does have a landtrain to get you about however the park isn't big at all and easy enough to walk around. We were able to get around it quite easily in under an hour before returning back to the bigger park up the road.

Those are the animatronic things in the main building that I mentioned earlier.

A view back up the park towards the entrance gate. It was strange that the park had a much more pleasant and relaxed vibe than the over-commercialised monster nearby. In the small time that we had here we came out refreshed, recharged and not stressed like we did from Movie Studios Park.

So if you do visit the Movie park do take the time out to pop in here. They deserve the footfall and can leave you at the end of the day feeling better than if you didn't visit.

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