Sunday, 31 July 2011

Serengeti Park

Next park was Serengeti Park, which is mainly a safari park but also features a selection of rides in one corner of the park. We'd clearly come for the latter. I wonder if there is a European Safari Park Club who do the inverse at this place?

The first of the park's two coasters was Froschflitzer, which is German for Frog Racer. A generic rollerskater coaster that ran fine. If it broke down I believe the park have the necessary equipment to have it toad back to the station. B'dum Tish!

A long time ago I used to love Top Spins, now I don't bother, too much of a good thing?

The second coaster, which we were allowed to ride non-stop for an hour once the public had been kicked out was a smaller kiddy coaster called "Die Wild Maus", which is German for "Die a Horrible Death Untamed Rodent" :D

There's the proof that this ride wouldn't be for local people :) The session went well with us getting overly excited on a ride that wasn't really all that special.

Bored of the kiddy coaster riding we escaped to check out the rest of the park, which consisted mostly of spin ride variants.

Some effort had gone into the theming on some of the rides though, good job park!

It's a well known rule that if ever a group attempt to cross a wobbly bridge at the same time, once the person most afraid has covered sufficient distance on said bridge that some fool within the group will attempt to shake it.

In this park the ducks run tings, don't mess with the ducks or they'll merk you right up! Shortly after this was taken they slashed the throats of two of the club. I did see it coming and shouted "duck" as a warning but that just brought their necks closer to the angry birds making it easier for them to do the cutting..

Interesting drop tower variant.

We patched Kat and Patrick up and carried on into the park. I think we managed last rides on these ducks, after a day carrying kids they must have been shattered, and what worse way to end the day than to finish up being overloaded with adults who should know better, and in some cases eat less (Kat, that wasn't aimed at you)

In this safari park the condors are allowed to fly free.

This was a pretty neat ride which should rotate on two axis but failed to do so giving it a rather strange ride path. It was also tucked away in a back corner of the park and I think most of the club missed it.

Whilst some of the group headed off to the jetboat ride, which we ended up missing btw, we went for a ride on their big wheel. It offered a fairly good view of the area and it was obvious that as big as the park was they still had plenty of shade.

Lion breakdance or Lion Breakin' as it's known in the US.

At the end of the day and it was time to head back to the coach. I thought I'd take a photo to aid people who come to this park. The entrance hut is the building over on the left but that only takes you to the safari park. For the rides you have to go into the entrance located just to the left of the red and white thing in the middle. In amongst the crap wordplay and made up nonsense I do give the odd tip!

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