Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dusseldorf Fair

The original plan for this afternoon was to go to the Nuremburg race track for the riding of a new S&S launch coaster. However it's testing had been fraught with failure after failure and the ride hadn't opened. So instead we went and spent some additional time at the Dusseldorf Fair, which had been intended for the next day.

Dusseldorf Fair is one of the larger fair locations in Germany with a large selection of rides, stalls and beer halls. First ride of the day was this spinning ride that is run on a decent speed and ride program. I'm always a little hesitant on these ride as I think the operators test the riders until they puke, but fortunately I was alright.

Another spin ride running an insane program; the norm at fairs like this. The rides might be pricey but you do get your money's worth.

The first coaster that we rode was Spinning Racer, a Maurer Sohne contraption that was running pretty well. In the pouring rain we could have just sought shelter in one of the many beer halls, but sometimes the OCD causes you to think irrationally.

Two more of us do what's necessary to survive the ride. I don't think the hood helped, everyone was still pretty soaked when they got off. Note how the ride was running despite the weather, when your salary is based on the number of cars you send around, heavy rain isn't going to stop you.

The big swinging beast in the background is Kong, one of the large XL rotating swing rides, with a nice little theming to it's rather skeletal structure.

Second coaster of the day was a spinning mouse coaster and this one truly lived up its to its name. I don't know if it was overly greased, or if the rain had caused the ride to spin more than usual but it was a ride we really had to hold onto tight because we were being thrown around quite insanely. It broke another member's ribs and caused another to lose his camera.

The signature coaster at the fair was Olympia Looping, a legendary 5-loop Schwarzkopf coaster. It's appearance at Dusseldorf was a bit of a special event as it doesn't usually come to this fair. I'd ridden it many years ago and found the positive-Gs to be a bit too much. I recall one of the loops causing the shoulder restraints to pop down 2 clicks compressing the spine too much. So preparing for that on this occasion I sat tall and found the ride to be better than last time.

Usually the signature ride at the fair is this one Alpinabahn, this time playing second fiddle to its bigger brother. This ride is just as big a structure but has no loops, making it a more pleasant ride.

Having nailed the coasters and a couple of spin rides we then spent the rest of the night partaking in the beer and jager shots. Those of us on the main trip also met up with a smaller weekend trip crew who were going to join us for a few days.

Overall the night at the fair was a lot of fun but the rain was torrential taking the shine off it a little bit. However we were going to go back the next day for more.

Some graffiti in process just down the road from the hotel. I chose not to go explore Dusseldorf on this trip as I was fairly tired from the night before and slept in the next morning.

Back at the fair and during the previous nights sojourn, the organisers of the trip had tried to speak to the owners of Olympia Looping in an attempt of getting a morning ERS on it. They'd failed but were going to try again in the morning. Whilst they did that we took a chance to run around and photograph the park whilst it was quiet. This was a weird indoor effects house.

The Bellevue wheel is a huge Ferris Wheel.

Liking the theming on this ride.

Having survived this the night before we chose to not to ride the rib breaker mouse.

We did manage to get a deal on the Olympia Looping. A reduced ticket rate, which makes sense given its the ticket money that is their revenue, and a walk around underneath the ride, which whilst exciting to some didn't appeal to me in the slightest. So instead I chose to go explore the rest of the park.

and we ended up playing in the mirror maze with a couple of additional rules; hands behind the back and you must walk at speed through it i.e. no hesitating. I was fortunate enough to make it through unscathed but we did hear the sound of face smacking glass a few times indicating that others hadn't been as skilled or fortunate.

This big ride is similar to Bling at Blackpool and Danter's Air ride that hit the UK circuit in 2011. I didn't actually bother riding it here. There are just too many good rides being run well here that means some of them have got to give.

Spinning Racer on a slightly drier visit.

One of the more photographed coasters on the trip, particularly with the American contingent who for them, this was a legendary ride that they'd been keen to experience. I think they all liked it too.

This ride so needs to find its way to London for the Olympics. Rumours are that it won't happen however.

A few of us were brave/stupid enough to go on this breakdance ride. At the fairs they're running on a way more insane program than you usually get at fairs.

The London Underground needs to install this into their network system.

Kat and JC posing beside another ride.

Hard to believe that all of these rides are folded up and packed onto trucks, their exteriors are quite extravagant.

One of the new attractions for the fair this year was the 5-storey Daemonium ghost train ride. Despite it's impressive size the ride experience was disappointing and I think this was the only attraction where we came off feeling ripped off.

The waveswinger was on a fast program!

A few of us were brave/stupid enough to go on this ride. I liked it a lot although we did spend quite a bit of time travelling upside down on it.

We ended the morning visit with more rides on the two big coasters. I've now ridden Alpina a few times and it's not the most amazing ride but its one of the better ones we'd had been on this trip.

Olympia was still the better of the two despite it's powerful loops. You definitely feel the positive Gs on this monster coaster. The ride operators are so efficient on this ride that they begin dismantling it whilst the last train is still running and they have usually dismantled the entire lift hill by the time the coaster has hit the third loop. Very efficient indeed.

The fair was great and the few pictures I've taken here don't really do the scale of the fair justice. You really just need to get to one and experience it first-hand.

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