Sunday, 31 July 2011


Neustadt (New City) is not that new having been around since the early 13th century. We were staying here for the night and I chose to go out in the morning for another silly walk. Fortunately this one provided mild drizzle rather than full on rain I'd had elsewhere.

The train station, one of two in the city, but this is the better looking one.

At Christmas time they have a Christmas Fairground here. In the Summer they don't :(

A piece of art next to the Saalbau building. It commemorates Neo from The Matrix realising his bullet time skills allowed him to avoid being shot at.

A slightly less obvious piece of art. Not sure which Keanu Reeves film this represents.

Typical German architecture and cobbled back streets.

Unfortunately the morning I'd chosen to walk around happened to be leave your rubbish out for the binmen day.

and again I was too early for the Fountains to be switched on.

In a town with such character I still managed to find some graffiti tucked away in the backstreets. With plenty to see I heeded the advice and didn't stop.

That twin spire/towered/hybrid church in the background is the Stiftskirche.

No idea who this dude is but in the rumour I made up, people who pass under it are guaranteed a wealthy life but only if they look into a mirror and say "candyman" three times.

It was built in 1356 and is actually undergoing some restoration work inside. The exterior looks pretty decent though.

The marktplatz, which I think translates to "market place" in front of the Stiftskirche (I'm standing with my back to it). The building to the right is the Rathaus.

I have no idea what this is but there are a few of them around the fountain.

There's some crazy paving and cool sculptures in it's centre. I wonder if it celebrates the time when Keanu Reeves through random objects through windows.

I found this oddly located sculpture nearby. I don't think this has anything to do with Keanu.

Best graffiti ever! Now how did it go from head to tail bypassing the body completely?

This was an odd find, a concrete table football game perfectly located outside for those who have a craving for the game. I think in the states they call this fussball, but I'm not sure and are not going to cause a fuss over it.

Now this caught my eye. I was curious why the German language was quoted as if that's what Jesus actually said. Atheist standpoint aside, what language is the original?

Neustadt is a quiet town, especially at the start of day. Bar the bin men there was hardly anyone out and about. But the morning constitutional did the trick and I was set for another day.

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