Sunday, 31 July 2011


Didiland is a small family park not far from Walygator. The park, on paper, has no significant ride for the group and just gave us an opportunity to unwind and relax for the afternoon.

Like Walygator the park has an Apple Coaster and like Walygator I'm not going to talk about this ride at length. We rode this one too.

Rip-off Disney cars on this little spin-ride. Too big for us but you could fit a lad in.

A very colourful kids train with no Lion King theming whatsoever.

This is Magic Mouse, the park's spinning coaster. We were soon to realise that not all magic is good, there is evil magic too. On the scale of evil magicness we were soon to discover that this ride is ranked worse than Voldemort.

The problem is the over-the-shoulder restraints. Usually these rides make do with a lap bar to hold you in.

They certainly aren't ideal for a ride that by design throws your head around from side to side. Jeppe, Johanna and Gus do not look happy at all. In fact Gus always looked like that so ignore him :)

I managed to get this photo of the ride in motion. Even Patrick, who is usually very happy, looks disgusted. This has to be a sadists favourite coaster. Nobody in the club liked this ride at all, even those who ride rough rides for the hell of it. In the park's defence they are looking to sell it. Perhaps the authorities at Guantanamo could buy it. If not then a German park should buy it and rename it "schadenfreude".

The final coaster was a little nondescript coaster made by French coaster maker Soquet.

Either Jeppe and Johanna are happy at riding this coaster, or at not having to ride the mouse again.

The coaster wasn't bad but just a large childrens coaster. There's a nice themed train made to look like a Viking Longship.

Leaving the coaster behind we decided to check out the rest of the park. The tractor ride had some nice themed animals.

They animals reminded me of Asterix cartoons, perhaps inspired by them.

Some of the rides were adorned with similar looking murals, and for such a small park this was very unique and I did actually enjoy just taking in the detail in the artwork.

This centrifuge machine looked similar to one I'd ridden at Kentucky Kingdom on one of the US trips. That was a monster G-Force ride. This however wasn't; it just never got to the same speed as it's American counterpart and so spun too slow to be intense at all.

Aside from the rides the park does have some nice gardens...and not a Nessie in sight.

They do have some odd rides such as this giant see-saw, which despite it's simplicity was quite popular with the group.

Poor gnome had lost his lantern :(

We ended the day with the park kindly giving us the Longship coaster for an hour. Now I'm not a fan of these ride sessions on kids rides, even more so when the heavens opened and it rained for the duration. But something strange happened, the atmosphere in the ERS was insane with music, cheering and everyone having a great time which just resonated through all, ride staff included.

What on paper seemed to be a fairly mediocre day ended up providing one of the greatest memories of the entire trip. The ERS was just mentally silly and just shows how much fun can be had when everything comes together perfectly. It's not necessarily the biggest, fastest record breaking rides that provide the most fun. It's also about the atmosphere and the people you're with; riders and staff.

Didiland, an average park but one of the most memorable, and for the right reasons.

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