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Tripsdrill, quite simply a beautiful park in southern Germany. Historically it claims to be the oldest theme park in Germany. Erlebnis is German for "Discovery" so let's discover what it has to offer.

The park one of the sexiest parks on account of it's big jugs.

and its a park where the men can pump with women in broad daylight.

They even have big balls that you can roll with your hands!

Entendres aside there are 3 roller coasters in this park. This is the smallest and most child friendly. It's called Rasender Tausendfussler which translated is "Frenzied Millipede". It's not particularly crazy with a standard double-figure-8 layout but it does make a lot of noise.

If the millipede was the smallest then Mammoth (Mammut) would obviously be the biggest. This opened in 2008 and for me was a new coaster to ride. Rather than go for a catalogue model the park owners decided to remain patriotic and requested everything be designed and built by German companies.

The results could have been a mess, and when it first opened initial reports weren't promising but the ride is actually really good, and was a pleasant surprise to us.

They'd done a really solid job with the station, themed around a woodmill that goes out of control.
We were going to have an ERS on this at the end of the day but I thought I'd sneak a couple of goes first to gauge how the ERS would go.

Back into the park for the final coaster and the one that was the signature ride at the park before Mammut came along. The oddly named G'Sengte G'Sau (Road hog) Since my last visit they'd added a new themed queue line.

The heaven's opened but it didn't stop the park from running the ride, or us riding it. This bobsled coaster, also German made is great and since my last visit the plants had grown and encompassed the ride a bit more.

In the background is the mouse section with the familiar hairpins. The ride then dives through the Bavarian castle and then weaves through the foliage in the foreground. Here you can see two cars passing really close to each other. Look out Steve! (well you would see if the plants weren't that high)

This ERS proved to be extremely popular. Not only was the ride running quick in the rain but the park had also left all the mid-course brakes open for our special ride session. Not as intense a ride as Monster in Walygator in doing this but the ride was zipping around it's track.

We ended the day with the ERS on Mammut where we were given free reign over the ride with non-stop rides and some members of the club queuing up to dispatch the trains. (not my thing but some had some great microphone patter).

I didn't take any photos after this one as I rode, and rode, and rode, and clowned about, and got told off for trying to stand up the whole way round, and rode some more. A really good session on a coaster that was very re-rideable if a little short of airtime.

Heading out of the park and the obligatory "rock the rope bridge" happened.

The next morning we went back to the park and look at the skies, the rain had gone and we were blessed with beautiful blue skies. Today was going to be about taking photos, not riding I think. The weather had not been kind to us at all on this trip so this was a lovely reprieve.

This is the saw mill, had it not been for a fire would be the oldest attraction in the park. In fact when it first opened in 1929 it was the first attraction. It's a windmill with a slide.

and is a popular attraction with everyone.

Here's the mill. It's loud, partly made of wood and crushes beetles. I gave this mill the nickname Heather.

Mammut in all it's wooden glory. It was actually closed in the morning. Rumour has it some tourists broke it the night before. (We hadn't really, it opens late)

So the morning was spent riding the German Road Hog some more but this time with the brakes on as we were riding with the public.

If you look hard enough you can just make out the coaster train through the foliage

Bavarian Beauty!
Seems like an opportune moment to steal the "hairtime" pun.

On my first visit here the park had us try to complete a circuit holding steins full of water. It was going through the castle windows where most of the glasses met their demise.

"Throw your hands in the air and wave like them you just don't care"...unless you're a Sislofsky in which case it's "Grip the bar nice and tight and hold it because you know it's right!
(It was great having you both on a trip again, it had been way too long)

Mette and Geoff chill out and make the most of the sun. Poor Mette was the poor broken rib victim from the Dusseldorf Fair and the injury was starting to take it's toll. I don't think I could have kept riding for a week afterwards. Hopefully you're feeling better now! (I've taken so long to get this report out that you must be OK by now)

The fiery millipede was still making a racket. Picture this serene shot and imagine a low flying jet aircraft flying over and you get the right idea.

This is in the fairytale part of the park but I have no idea what fairy tale this is.

This is a fun attraction where kids are encouraged to climb up the ladders to see into bedrooms only to have an animatronic grandparent pop out and tell you to get back down.

This park has some stunning gardens and some beautiful attractions such as this animatronic aviary.

That's not an animatronic, it's a real storks nest atop one of the buildings.

Another pirate preserved forever in carbonite. Damn you Jabba!

This is quite a popular ride with the families'. It's just rotating barrels through some gardens.

This was a little bit odd. The park has a museum of weaponry under one of their wine tasting cellars. In here you can see a collection of swords, guns and various other weapons through the years. I think Six Flags should do this with guns that have been confiscated in their security checks.

This part of the museum celebrates the scientific discovery of Rohypnol.

The kids log flume has a dark secret.

Some of it is built on a wasps nest!

Another park with the shooting boat attractions. This one has unique theming, not a surprise at this park to be honest.

The topple tower attraction is great. 2 facing tower rides that tip and drop on a varied program.
It's very popular with visitors to the park.

One nice touch is that the queue line for the tower ride passes within shooting range of the boats. Guaranteed hit whilst the towers are running.

Another group prepare to be dropped!

Near the exit was this odd tower ride. I haven't seen one that works like this anywhere else and am led to believe that this is the only one, like Highlander.

Rich and Sue had the time to chill out on this.

I on the other hand went to Mrs Doubtfire's grocery store. I'm such a fan and it was great to meet the wonderful lady.

Tripsdrill. Simply beautiful with a great selection of coasters for those who like a thrill, well maintained gardens for those who like to chill, plenty of attractions for the little kids, wine tasting for the alcoholics and Mrs Doubtfire. What more could you ask for?.....Yes, Mrs Doubtfire's breasts to catch fire again, but given their history of fire damage at this park that wasn't going to happen.

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