Sunday, 31 July 2011


Time for another city tour now as we set up camp in the city of Heilbronn, once we found the hotel. (Our coach had been given the wrong location)

This bit of the city sat on an island. That's the main train station hiding behind the buses.

Random Assassins Creed climbing building.

This was where we went for dinner. Really nice German food served by even nicer liederhosen clad women.
After a few hours here we headed back, but liking the city I decided to head out again in the morning.

On another even smaller island there's a small number of pieces of art. Not sure about the red piece but I liked the golden hare. Fortunately that one is a little easier to find than the one hidden in the 70s.

Nice bush, fnar!

The Heilbronn Rathaus is on the main street. A small number of market traders were setting was quite early too.

A very cool looking astronomical clock including time-clock, barometer & stopwatch combination. Just a shame I didn't have time to hang around.

In front of the clock was this little compass to other cities. It seemed odd to have chosen Wales though.

That building is the Kilianskirche, a monster gothic creation that has a history going back to the 11th Century.

Amazing detail in the tower that reminded me of the Batman Arkham City game.

Interesting that the architects even considered a fire escape so long ago.

This would make a pretty amazing chocolate fountain.

A concrete toilet paper installation.

around the back of the Kilianskirche.

Yep, there's no escaping Starbucks, even in a small town like this...and once again I was out before the fountains were.

The last town had a table football in the streets. Here they had rocking horses.

In amongst the non-descript buildings there were some nice simple pieces of art.

Mmmmm. Pi!

That's the restaurant building. I hadn't really walked too far this morning, Heilbronn is quite a nice small place.

I'm surprised this one doesn't lead to phone calls to the police. Pretty cool though.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this one. I'm going to guess the car industry has some connection to the city.

and I finished up with this little display beside one of the other bridges back to the hotel island. It's quite nice but must render a load of keys useless.

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