Sunday, 31 July 2011

Skyline Park

The final park of the trip was another too brief visit to Skyline Park. This park always comes at the end of the German tours and we never get enough time to really enjoy it. Even more so on this occasion where those who hadn't been before really had to run around to get all the coaster rides in before it was time to head back to the coach.

The park is very kid friendly.

and it's very kid friendly.

This was another those debatable coasters, similar to the one at Hansa but without the theming.

Lasse and Kat chasing the credits.

This weird contraption was one that I had done before. I think a contingent of the club took over the loading of this ride to ensure everyone got on it. I think it does suffer from throughput issues, which isn't ideal if you're time constrained.

This is Sky Loop, the one coaster that I'd not ridden before. When it was built it actually took the record for the highest inversion. Prior to that it was the weird loop on Viper at Magic Mountain in California. Strange that such a record would be taken by such a small park.

 The coaster had been announced shortly after our last trip to this park. Note that the trains only have lap bars.

and it does go upside down. This is it coming off the lift hill and doing it's inversion.

Then it shoots back down to the station...

...before going round for another lap. I really enjoyed it, it's a simple ride but still quite unique in design. A lot of the club however really hated the ride. There's a notable shunt when the car re-enters the lift hill and that caught pretty much everyone off guard smashing their backs into the seat. That made me laugh...I guess I'm a little weird.

Tucked away in a back corner are some rides usually seen at travelling fairgrounds (the park is owned by a showman family). The booster did not have an upcharge which is unusual.

and the portable rapids was quite nice with it's crane lift system.

Looking back over to the rest of the park. There's a land dispute going on in the park and the field in the foreground is owned by someone else. The park then have a couple of bridges over it and getting around the park can be a little bit confusing.

I remember this ride from my last visit as it was the first topple tower I'd ever seen, despite the one at Drayton in the UK (I saw that a year later). This one still looked quite scary and unsafe.

The park also has a bobkart ride but this one looked to be running really slow and I don't think it was down to reluctance on the part of the drivers. Perhaps the power had been turned down to save on costs. A shame, as these rides are at their best when you can go flat out.

The other memory I had of this park was it's number of operator-less rides, which we would just not have in the UK. Here's an example, the ride in the background is powered by the bike in the foreground.

Danger swing that would be banned if it was built in the UK.

This looks too genuine to be theming. I'm going to guess they acquired from a real operation. I'd challenge the ownership though - It's not their's, it's mine.

Lasse and Kat continue to chase credits.This is their pinfari coaster that looks like it's built from Meccano but actually rides well.

More Nautic Jet fun for those who weren't too big to sink them.

Kat and Lasse continues to chase the credits. The 2 neighbouring butterfly coasters were the last of their trip and Kat reached her 1300th with the first of them. That's why she's so elated.

Two more self-powered rides. This one you hit the button on the left then run and jump into the teapot.

This is my most favourite of the self-powered rides. The faster you row the faster it spins and if it goes too fast the forces make you unable to row any more, naturally slowing the ride down.

Andy is nowhere to be seen. I can't think why?

A nice variation on the dodgems attraction. At this park it's set up like a race track rather than a single arena that you go round in. A nice touch.

Skyline Park is a straightforward collection of rides but as I stated at the start, always a park that suffers from being at the end of our trips. I could have done with a bit more time, but we had to get to the airport. Skyloop is a fun ride and is now starting to pop up around the world, but heed the warning about that jolting part. Survive that and you'll enjoy it too!

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